Night Unfolds

as the sun sets

and the day draws to a close

night stealthily creeps

across the land like a plague

inexorably it slowly advances

without remit or thought

one thing slowly becomes another

light fades to shadow

darkness follows shortly afterwards

many become few

few become one

in the unfolding of night

shadows blur the lines

that merge into silky blackness

enfolding all in its path

night becomes one


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

We Were all Once Aliens

we don’t live her anymore

we have since moved on

the vacant and to let signs are posted

we have no forwarding address

we have moved on to another place to call home

we are following in the footsteps of our ancestors

and yours!

they were welcomed with open arms

we welcomed them with open arms

why do we find the doors closed

and signs saying move along

nothing to see or do here

no place for the refugee, the immigrant

no place for those who look different

no place for a fellow human being

our home becomes the street

the tented shelter

we don’t live anywhere anymore

we have no where to call home

so alone


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The Chemistry of Life

what is your pH

are you in the Zen

or are you just being acidic

breath in breath out

feel the symmetry of your inner diffusion

we could always be in an osmotic state

where we spontaneously move to be in balance

when we automatically

randomly intermingle to find our Zen state

the law of henry should be our mantra

balance the small stuff, and the big stuff aligns

Balance Ying Yang

the words that make the Zen go round

all of life needs to finds its fulcrum

including cellular life

as they say in life it’s the small things that matter

or is it the matter in the small stuff

Find your Zen

explore your inner chemistry

wear your No. 7 number with pride

find your inner balance

maybe you will then be in your Zen


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

My Poetry Journey

My goal is to have about 50 poems by year end and then publish the best in an anthology with a short back story to the history/journey it took me to write the poem, and what/where or how I was inspired. Some of them are deeply personal, others are from my past and some are just diatribes about life, the world and all the shit going down . It is amazing how writing in different styles stretches my mind and also how some poems just fly out in machine gun staccato burst and others have to be dragged out over a day or two. Thanks for the feedback and I do hope you are enjoying taking this journey with me, I cant say its always fun, but the thoughts and inspiration sometimes take on their own life and just have to be written.

My Enemy is My Friend

the battle of life rages on

as it has since Cain killed Abel

sides are picked

weapons are chosen

the games dictated by others has begun

friends become enemies become friends

battles are won and lost

mountains are gained and valleys are lost

lives are lost for inches and feet

leaders spill the blood of others

never of their kin or own

living or dying in the trenches of life and war

in the mix and mess of the trenches

we all become equal

blood mixes with the soil and the soul

in the depths of the dark

decisions made can be unmade

enemies can become friends

who is to say that this life is not precious

who can be so bold as to let others suffer for an ideal

whilst they wallow in the comfort of their lies

sides picked can be unpicked

the enemy of my leader does not have to be my enemy

decisions made on high can be undone on low

when we look into the eyes of our enemy we see but ourselves

staring back at us in pity and fear

as we gaze into the thousand-yard stare

let us see more than the abyss staring back at us

as your thumb cocks the hammer

as your finger squeezes the trigger

as your fist pulls back

as your knife is about to plunge

first gaze into the mirror of his eyes

to see yourself staring back

the dignity of living

must become the new normal

enemies can become friends

friends and enemies all long for the same

to be able to die at a time and place

that they have chosen

not chosen for them through lies and deceit

as a new day dawns

young men should no longer fight the battles of the old men


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich