In Memorium

My father would have been 82 today, but sadly he passed away 3 years ago. I still miss him, and have been thinking about him a lot of late. Was lying awake during the night thinking of my father. The loss of a parent who was dearly loved leaves a pain that always lingers.

fathers are refuge from the storms of life

when that safe port passes on

when the lighthouse fades

all that is left are the memories

memories never fade

they are never forgotten or passed over

they remain

memories shine through the mists of time

even when the lights fade and no one lives there

they remain constant, eternal not ethereal

these remain, never forgotten

what was once real is now no longer

the reminders of your love do not fade

they remain

through the years we walked different paths

they diverged and merged over the years

at the end they had become one

constant reminders of our togetherness

unconditional love learnt



© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Trust ?

Trust none of what you hear, and less of what you see

Bruce Springsteen – Magic, 2007

trust openness honesty

who to trust

what to trust

deception deceit

seen through a veil

now hidden




no rainbows

no pots of gold

hollow men

hollow words

blind men

blind followers

fire below

fire above

eyes wired shut

ears grown closed

mouths wide open

no sound

no trust

just white noise


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Juxtaposition Junxtion

to be or not….

the journey along the road

leads us to be often waylaid

arriving at at juxtaposition junxtion

confused over our mother being our lover

lost in the paradise of milton’s world

unsure if it be heaven or hell

one mans heaven being the others hell

to have or to have not

said the butler living in squalor

but trapped in luxury

disparity and discord morph into a third way

can it all be fair in love and war

sound and fury, calm before the storm

before and after, fat and thin

can all pigs be equal

fighting to live

battling to not die

food to one is death to another

in darkness there is light

what the dickens is going on

wisdom and foolishness battling for hope

it springs eternal in the winter of our discontent

everything to lose and nothing to win

goodness draws forth evil

the circle draws to a close

the bells toils

before the wall is rent asunder

the third way beckons

like a long lost lover


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

That Well Of Creativity

A mix of thoughts, questions and ideas; analysing what and how we troll the depths of our creative wells. What inspires me (or you dear reader, for that matter) to be drawn to pen what I pen. Of late, these thoughts have been spinning through the dark passages of my mind. Then I had an epiphany…. which has lead me to pen this article on where and how I draw from my well of inspiration.

The one thing I do know, that for me to tap my inspiration I need to be on an emotional high or low. I cannot just be bumbling along, on an even keel. I get ideas and thoughts regardless of my emotional state, but I can only act on them when my emotions are out of alignment. Hence I at times have to drag myself into a thoughtful, dark place to take the ideas in my head or notebooks, and then translate them into words on paper. The easiest way for to do this is via music, I have a few artists whose lyrics have the best effect on me, they drag me into a thoughtful emotive state to best translate my thoughts to paper. There are some songs on depressing subjects out of which I have written emotive, and even positive or romantic poems. That will keep some “shrinks”happy for hours or even the subject of an interesting article for “Psychology Today” 🙂 My wife is relieved to hear that I do not have to be physically depressed to draw my thoughts out 🙂

I do know that reading and music are very useful triggers for me to draw deep from the well; both of need to be on the dark side, for me to accurately tap my creative well. Reading the First World War Poets; notably Owen and Sasson, and some of the classical Poets; Milton, Blake, Elliot and Chaucer (although he is more humorous than dark). Musically the lyrics of Dylan and Springsteen are best or the harmonious sounds of Pink Floyd ELP and Ulver – (especially there their album: THEMES FROM WILLIAM BLAKE’S THE MARRIAGE OF HEAVEN AND HELL). These are my main sources of flitting on the edges of deep dark thoughtful emotions. My wife has an interesting take on my mindset, she feels I thrive on or need angst in my life… not entirely convinced on that front yet … 🙂 but she does have a point ….

The whole subject of creativity and depression is well documented over the years, with many interesting articles written on the great painters, composers and writers. So far be it from me to expound to much further or bore you with details of the great ones. I do want to share a few very interesting articles I found on one of my favourite websites; if you have not visited Maria’s site please pop over to: and follow her on twitter:

Lou Andreas-Salomé, the First Woman Psychoanalyst, on Depression and Creativity in Letters to Rilke
“A great deal of poetic work has arisen from various despairs.”

Alison Bechdel on Writing, Therapy, Self-Doubt, and How the Messiness of Life Feeds the Creative Conscience
“It’s by writing… by stepping back a bit from the real thing to look at it, that we are most present.”

Probability Theory Pioneer Mark Kac on the Duality of the Creative Life, the Singular Enchantment of Mathematics, and the Two Types of Geniuses
“Creative people live in two worlds. One is the ordinary world which they share with others and in which they are not in any special way set apart from their fellow men. The other is private and it is in this world that the creative acts take place.”

The Forgotten Soldier

history written by the victorious

remembered by the soldier

forgotten by all

battered, bruised, discarded

honour cast aside

no medals for the forgotten warrior

once forgotten

memories now return

new wounds emerge

new scars

new pain and guilt

but still society forgets

wars once popular

now become an anathema

silence abounds

but the memories remain

history written in black

but remembered in blood

history written in scars

survives beyond the fading text

politicians write the history

soldiers carry the weight of that history
© 2016 michael d emmerich
© 2016

The Greatest Escape

what makes one free

the ability to have no cares

carry no baggage

freedom to move

when are we most free

when we have no stress

when we are able to just be

when we have a choice

when can we escape

why do we want to escape

to what are we escaping

the fire or the frying pan

is not the greatest escape

the ability to escape


true freedom

even it be to grass less green

the fire is warmer than the frying pan

maybe some of us take solace in its heat


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

New Medical Writings

Feeling very proud; I have been approached by a Canadian based medical site to submit articles for publication. They are a Pan-Access worldwide collective of experts and non-experts creating a discussion about infection control and prevention using their  online publication forum,

Check out my profile and my first article cleared for publication (working on the next few)

Managing Infection Control in a Disaster

This and That

I have taken a break from formal writing for the past week or two, and have been focussing on catching up on reading (all sorts of stuff; poems, fiction, non-fiction). I have also been ordering all my writing prompts and ideas – poems, fiction and professional. The ideas are still flowing, just been writing them up in my ideas book, to regurgitate at a later date (need to get index cards and sort my ideas – finished and unfinished, my book is getting way to busy).

Took out my sketch pads a week back and am working on a few rough drafts, drawing the mental images that flit in and out of my mind – scary stuff that. Who knows maybe I will be brave and post my “finished” bits and pieces.

Oh well back to my day job – for awhile – hope to have some work finished to load over this coming weekend. Thanks for all the support, comments and followers, much appreciated; lets stay inspired and keep writing!

Umberto Eco: “To survive you must tell stories”