Ambulance Today – Autumn Edition 2019

The Autumn Edition for 2019, has hit the shelves, it’s live now on Ambulance Today.

This edition is focused upon technology and education. In so far as technology goes, we take a look at some of the newest innovations currently being introduced to EMS. Specifically here, I would like to mention WoundClot, which is rightly being lauded as one of the most significant life saving advancements in emergency trauma care.

As Editor Joe says: “We hope that you have as much fun delving into this issue as we had in creating it, and that you come away as enriched from the thought-provoking articles inside as we have been in researching and overseeing them.”

Click on the link below to download and read the entire magazine (you’re welcome) and of course my article on page 34 & 35

From the Africa Desk of Ambulance Today: The Challenge of Critical Thinking in EMS

Ambulance Today Autumn 2019

To all the followers of this page, if you want to see an article written about any specific aspect of Emergency Care on the African continent, or get me to interview a key role player, drop me a mail. Equally, if you have any news items you would like us to run either in our magazine or on our daily-updated global ambulance news website please make contact.

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To my fellow passionate EMS friends across the world, I trust you are enjoying this journey, as we continue to explore this fascinating continent. Till then be safe out there and stay passionate – Enjoy!

Ambulance Today Autumn 2019 cover