The Birth of Hope

hope arises from a distant past

barrenness becomes imperfect storm

drought becomes flood

passions spring forth

engaging in a lust-filled union

the expectation of hope is laid

 bringing with it change

pain, discomfort, hope

change forcefully thrust onto the unwitting

the chaos of evolution

darkness waits with expectation

the challenge of darkness

as hopes journey begins

moving from the confines of darkness

down the path to the light

the waiting hand of light beckons

dragging hope to into its arms

moving from the known to the unknown

hope emerges with a scream

it rents the veil of darkness

darkness gives birth to a frail hope

light enfolds hope in its warm embrace

hope like victory is helpless at birth

it has emerged into a world fraught with despair

pushed out into the world to face life’s challenges

history replaces amnesia

history is hopes foundation

futures are built on memories foundation

life is sustained by history’s past

the future is moulded by past scribes

seasons come and go

barren winters pass

always followed by springs new life

hope always springs eternal

from the darkness of winter

hope is risky

hope is trust onto an uncertain future

the belief in the impossible

making the improbable possible

prepared to face loss, disappointment, betrayal

chaos order evolution

all merge into the revolution

of an emerging fading hope

what are we left with

but this inscrutable darkness

which is our future past

this inescapable darkness of new life

from a future past

the last gasp of hope

has not been born yet

hope is victory wrenched from darkness’s grasp

claim your moment of paradise

and then



© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The genie is emerging

My creative genie has been stuck in the bottle for awhile, but lately I have been doing some rubbing and its starting to emerge and unravel. Reading has been my refuge during this period, Have been diving back into doing some reading to whip up my creative juices, and have discovered a few exciting poets (Wislawa Szymborska) … and also been rereading some of my classics. TS Elliots “Wastleland” and the writings of Rebecca Solnit have been the nudge I needed to get me going again.

Been working on (IMO) a epic poem which for now; is called: The Birth of Hope … it so far runs to 8 stanzas and there is still more to write, plus I have a few more ideas/drafts/one-liners that have bubbled to the surface.  My ideas journal is a spiders crawl of ink …

I leave you with this thought that has emerged from my mind today whilst flying to work ..

the last gasp of hope is still to be born
push on for the rebirth