White Feathers

Inspired to write a poem on peace, seeing as the 21st of Sept was/is the International Day of Peace.

a white feather fell from heaven

doves fly by

a bullet whistles past

blood drips from the bough of a tree

peace in our time is the mantra

can it be believed

cowardice, faith, protection, bravery


so many messages, to which do we cleave

hope from beyond; past, present or future

don’t shoot the messenger

crying white doves circle

hoping they do not die bringing their message

doves cry where children die

hope dies when doves cannot fly

may they be lifted on the wings of peace

upwards to a burning sky

to a place with no name

the sun sets on a world in disarray

how many more white feathers need to fall from a burning sky

the spirits are watching

are they at peace?

I pray that they will be


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich



heaven or hell

real and visible

surreal yet invisible

within and without


high road or low road

real or imagined

stepping into the jaws

or away from the maw

lust anger greed

passion love temperance

heaven in hell


hell in heaven

any day now


right now

your choice


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich


black is the colour

red is the number

blue is the steel of the knife

lost is the answer

what is the question

gray is the smoke

orange is the glow

the smoke curls upwards

mortality is the answer

preservation is at stake

golden is the silence

orange is the colour

ripping the silence apart

crystal are the tears

raining down on the moment

lost is still the answer

the question remains uncertain

all that is certain

is mortality


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Rainbows in Her Eyes

fluttering eye lids in the morning light

cascading hair across her visage

my love lies in a gentle slumber

slowly the gateway to her emotions opens

fluttering eyelids reveal what lies beneath

 unleashing the emotions

lying behind the portal

they spring forth

revealing all the colours of the rainbow

the colours of love, lust, longing

desire, happiness


the rainbow in her eyes

I am privileged to see

and partake in all the colours

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich