Ambulance Today – Winter Edition 2019

The Winter Edition for 2019, has hit the shelves, it’s live now on Ambulance Today.

This main theme of this editions focus, is on voluntary EMS; to give an idea of its many forms and origins around the world and to celebrate those who devote so much of their time to EMS out of nothing more than a heartfelt passion and a deep-seated need to help their fellow man.

As Editor Joe says,with respect to our Africa correspondent: “Michael Emmerich holds a mirror up to the caregiver-patient relationship and offers a deeply interesting and thought-provoking look at how this can affect implicit bias within medical treatment. No matter how perfect your people skills are or how open your mind is, this one is sure to give you some highly useful food for thought.”

Click on the link below to download and read the entire magazine (you’re welcome) and of course my article on page 48 & 49

From the Africa Desk of Ambulance Today: Overcoming Perceived Biases in Treating the Sick and Injured

Ambulance Today Winter Ed 2019

To all the followers of this page, if you want to see an article written about any specific aspect of Emergency Care on the African continent, or get me to interview a key role player, drop me a mail. Equally, if you have any news items you would like us to run either in our magazine or on our daily-updated global ambulance news website please make contact.

For the readers from Africa, if you wish to advertise or have a free advertorial written up in the magazine, make contact and lets see how I can assist …

To my fellow passionate EMS friends across the world, I trust you are enjoying this journey, as we continue to explore this fascinating continent. Till then be safe out there and stay passionate – Enjoy!

Ambulance Today Winter 2019 cover


Lacefully Ensnared

delicate filigree entwining

enticing, ensnaring

woven webs capturing

beauty created by the unknown

what lies in the voids

the spaces between threads

what could be isn’t there

or is it

the mystery of the unknown


just imagine
© 2019 michael d emmerich
© 2019

A beautifully dried leaf isolated on black depicts nature's beauty.

Medic’s Epitaph

looking back, I gaze

at a red and broken past

around my feet lies the present

an uncertain yet clear future lies before

surrounded by pain

time spent with the dead and dying

understanding death at times

comes easier than conversing with the living

contemplation brings a deeper appreciation of life

all I want my epitaph to be

is not confusion, but


“just trying to leave someone alive”
© 2019 michael d emmerich
© 2019


Wish on the Wind?

it’s a mystery to me how it commences

only the wind remembers

from whence it came and where it goes

yet we wish on it

with dandelions in bloom

will the wind ever remember

that wish it blows on its way

for at the end of the day

all for that we yearn

is to be remembered by name

at days end when the clouds lift

light will breakthrough

yet the wind will not look back

but ….

what of us, should we
© 2019 michael d emmerich
© 2019