About Me

Welcome to my writing desk, the place where I gather my thoughts, musings and work on my craft – writing and poetry. I trust that you gentle readers will enjoy this journey as you see my world through my writings. I have been a writer/scribbler/journal keeper for years. I find poetry very personal and cathartic (the reading and the writing thereof); writing poems allows me to express multiple emotions and viewpoints, in concise and at times rapid manner. The writing is painful, at times a slow process, and then again, fast and furious, words flying out across my notebook or keyboard, like machine gun bullets.

β€œI need scarcely observe that a poem deserves its title only inasmuch as it excites, by elevating the soul. The value of the poem is in the ratio of this elevating excitement.”

Excerpt From: Edgar Allan Poe. β€œEdgar Allan Poe’s Complete Poetical Works.”

Emergency Medicine has been my passion and life for the past 30 years, taking me to 3 continents and over 35 countries, but my prime focus and passion is Africa, where I was born, raised and live. Working in emergency medicine in Africa is both rewarding and traumatic – feast and famine in the same day – life and death live side by side. Doing remote, austere, combat and expedition medicine is challenging and exciting Teaching staff in remote locations and empowering local medical staff is very uplifting. Inspiration from my work and travels is reflected in some of my writings.

Please do comment on my writings as I post story outlines, daily thoughts and a sections of a few books I am currently putting together. Feel free to interact with me via Twitter & my FaceBook writing and my Poetry & Life magazine or with respect to professional medical matters via LinkedIn

I am write op-ed pieces on my areas of interest (see the various articles written and published under the tab headers on this page), if you keen to know more drop me a mail and/or if you need an article written for your company or publication let me know.

I would like to thank my wife for all her love, support and inspiration, to keep pushing forward, her belief in me (on all levels) is amazing and empowering. Without you, this would not be possible, thank you my love

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