god is in session

wailing, screaming sirens

tear the night apart

screeching burnt rubber

scar the asphalt

as you deeply inhale and sigh

carbon, rubber and sweat

attack your senses

hands on the spinning steering wheel

thinking, planning, expecting

the unexpected

no plan survives initial contact

grabbing rushing pushing jostling

questions, answers

sobbing screaming crying

 ……. silence

gloved hands palpate poke prod

ears listen, eyes roam

instructions issued

 god is creating

and it will be good

skin exposed

clothes cut

working in blood and flesh

are gods tools

needles puncture

flashbacks appear

and reappear

machines beep

fast then faster

fluids chase in

smells assail your senses

burnt metal, blood, vomit

you drive them down

sweat drips off god

mixing with blood

god is in session

angels hover


applied and present

vials crack, needles puncture

….. skin

beep … beep …….. Beep

slower and slower

vocal chords visualised

the bag of life

is squeezed


rhythm of life is kept in balance

a refractory pause ensues

gloves changed, sweaty brows mopped

spectacles wiped clean of sweat

decisions discussions decisions

beeping changes

angels move closer

god intervenes

shoves them rudely aside

not today god says

not on my watch

© 2016 michael d emmerich

image courtesy of – Image © 2011-2017 DanSun PhotoArt

The 1% War

who are the soldiers of the poor?

shouts the activist

silence screams back

who fights for the rich?

the poor fight

and die for them

when the rich go to war

the poor carry the fight

the soldiers of the rich are many

pawns on an endless board

the poor has no army

only an army of ideals

an army of the mind

ideas are peaceful

history is violent


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Crossing Over

winter fast approaches

mist hangs over the river

the breath of ghost’s past

drifts out my silent open mouth

winter comes

but not yet

standing on the banks

of the river that runs through life

rubicon or styx

the boatmen cometh

which ferry to take

I gaze across the river

sinking in the past and present

an uncertain future

Darlin' give me your kiss

only you understand

the summer sun breaks through

the red mist parts

I gaze upon your face

feel your breath across my cheek

Rubicon awaits

unfinished business in summer

cannot cross over ….



© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The Tide is Turning

any day now

the tide will turn

any night now

a full moon sets

a new moon rises

a new dawn fast approaches

when used correctly

it turns the tides of war

morning is not broken

new dawn

new life

new hope


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich


Everybody Dies

everybody dies

but not everybody lives

life without living

death without dying


walk through forests filled with demons

avoid the the paths

live a little

get lost


chase the demons

don’t let them chase you

catch a demon by its tail

then let it go


laugh in the face of death

one life

live it

love your life


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Tanka – 5 Lines

The Tanka poem is very similar to haiku but Tanka poems have more syllables and it uses simile, metaphor and personification. There are five lines in a Tanka poem. Tanks poems are written about nature, seasons, love, sadness and other strong emotions. This form of poetry dates back almost 1200 years ago. Here is my first attempt 🙂

any day now tides turn

a full moon sets new moon rises

any night now just wait

 a new dawn fast approaches

 this morning is not broken

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Morning Dew

a new day dawns

the same as yesterday

but it is oh so different

dew glistens across the valley

casting fast disappearing rainbows

chased by bleeding colours across the sky

a new palette of shades awaits

grasp that brush

visualise your perfect picture

experience new found colours

and shadows

beauty whilst transient is eternal

serendipitous blessings in each new moment

reach out and grasp the day

this ephemeral beauty

must not escape

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Editorial Assistance Please :)

To all of my followers and gentle readers, I am busy preparing my anthology of poetry to (hopefully) be published by year end. Introduction has been drafted, cover has been designed, back stories for some of the poems penned and a few interesting photos of my working notes have been taken to (hopefully) insert into the anthology. To try and give you the reader, a feel for my writing and creative process, and what it looks like in rough draft/scribble – (hopefully its not to scary).

This is where you dear gentle reader come into the picture,  by helping me to select 30 to 35 poems, some of which are listed on my site:

Michael’s Poems

Tag one of your favourite poems to be included (by commenting on this post), who knows, you might get to read the back story (as to what inspired me to pen that particular poem), or get to see some of the original draft scribbles and scrawls, photographed from my notebook (which is always in my bag or on my person) – as you never know when inspiration is going to walk through the door.

Thanks again for all the likes and follows … see you in the web world 🙂



Just another day at the office

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Pictures taken in South Africa at Witsieshoek, at 3000m in the Drakensberg Mountains. The temp was 4 deg C with a wind chill of -7 deg C … just another day at the office 🙂

Blood or Love?

which runs deeper
blood or love
which runs thicker
which cuts deeper
there are ties that blind
blood ties, love loosens the bonds

love is worth the sacrifice
moving beyond
break the chains
rattle the locks
break the cage
loosen the ties that bind
no not sever

let me show you what love can do
break the pillars
shatter the foundations
spread that love
come now my darling
just lie in my arms
its you and I that now remain
let me show you
what is possible with love


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich