Passions Unfurled

 the embryonic morning sun

peeps hesitantly over the mountain

slowly it crawls forth to emerge

escaping from the grasp of night’s pupae

radiant kaleidoscope wings gently emerge

the new day creeps forward

pushing back the night

day emerges, languidly stretching out

offering itself to those in need

who have passions to be sated

new dawn brings new promises

the intended gift of new passions

the impatient subimago fidgets

unable to fully relish the gift

further unfurling wings

expose more of the vivid rainbow

only when the imago finally emerges

can the passions be fully unveiled

totally releasing the new day

mornings passion breaks forth in full colour

imago is now ready, waiting, eager

fully active, totally passionate

unfurling, opened, spread to full imago

releasing new passions, to be desired

the new day can now be fully devoured

let us engorge ourselves

on the alter of unfurled passions


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Embrace the Darkness

be brave, be bold

challenge convention

embrace the darkness

do this and become whole

wiser, more effective

learn to harness the dark arts

use the darkness constructively

find happiness in your dark side

take risks, take the plunge

dive in and enjoy the risk

revel in the darkness

relish the pain

allow pain to become your friend

receive the biological pain messages

change your behaviour right now

feel the burn, release the endorphins

the messenger has arrived

feed your creativity

channel the dark arts

push life to the extremes

find the balance

open the door to your dark side

be introduced, welcome it with open arms

challenge your addiction to comfort

suppressing the dark side

limits our ability to experience happiness

push the opposite end of the spectrum

do not fear the darkness

welcome it, challenge it

investigate it

the messenger

after all has arrived

to tell us something

are you willing to listen?


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Day Becomes Night

A friend from the twittersphere, @nikkiejanee1972, posted a song lyric with an interesting picture, the image raised many thoughts, ideas and emotions. After a few back and forth tweets, the challenge was laid down, to write a poem about the picture. This is what came out of looking at that photo. I have once again dipped into the music and words of my muses, the image is the one above.

the rollin’ and tumblin’ fog fast approaches

the moon out in space cannot see

as mist drifts over its face

the day becomes night

the night is filled with shadows

the early doom fast approaches

muted misty sounds drift hither, thither and wither

her dress reaches out as she spins round twirling, seeking

twin distant orbs burn holes in the mist

the portal etched into the road becomes visible

a guttural grunt, bark, or cough reaches out and grabs your spine

in the damp chill your hair clings to your neck

Cthulhu roars

 the bloated corpulence of his writhing body

slowly emerges

you are lost in a timeless fog

refusing to be driven insane by gazing on the monstrosity

are you not already dreaming of R'lyeh

how does it feel

to be so alone, with nowhere to roam

any day now the fog will lift and the night will end

truth will be revealed as the fog is clawed back

worldwide insanity and mindless violence

finally displacing humanity forever

or just a dream, within a dream

the landscape slowly claws back the light

gleaming in the golden light of dawn

what does it bring

death and destruction

or coffee


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich


Destination Eden

the black snake stretches languidly across the land

unfurled over hills and vales

craning its head back as it beckons, sans hand

come, faster, faster you must prevail

you reach out to attack the black snake

grasping, clutching, familiar smells of the hunt return

bringing with them the pain and ache

you push, feeling the burn, avoiding deaths urn

those familiar markings on the naked skin

as you flick through the curves at high speed

the evocative colours of the original sin

all happening so fast you battle to read

always playing catch up with that snake

but it keeps unfurling further and further

hoping against hope you can still partake

before your fuel vanishes into the ether

this never ending unfolding black dream

eludes all who demand the chase

its best just to sit by the stream

and be enfolded by the soothing grace

of the snakes coup de grace


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Fuck War!

draft or dodge

conscription or jail

exile or war

hero traitor or coward

choices that define or break

who is the enemy

the just or unjust war

justified by the church

who stands aside

letting death slip quietly by

welcoming death

in gods name it shall be done

who chose this war

justified by the politician

arrogance greed and power

forcing boys to become men

to become killers

for the sake of an ‘ism, as told by an idiot

who has the most to lose

who binds the wounds that bleed

the scars that don’t heal

the wounds you cannot see

none but the fellow beside him

neither the church or politicians

in whose name their blood is discarded

along with their futures

whose life is to be sacrificed

not mine said the politician, suckling on the teat of corporate greed

not mine said the bishop, god made me do it

not mine said the arms dealer, I just sell death

not mine said the general, I’ve done my time

not mine said the wealthy, the poor are the pawns

not mine said the socialite, I’ll read it on page seven

who has the most to gain

At whose cost

At what cost




© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

That Small Voice

voices, I think I hear voices

who is that

oh its just me

my still small voice

my voice, starting to sound distant

maybe I’ll just keep knocking

hoping against hope that I open the door

but wait, no one there

move along, nothing to see

that still small voice

chasing me away

saying be quiet

I cannot hear

no solace

walls close in

horizon stretches far away

contact, contact

 yes, a human touch

oh, its just me

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich