Bleeding Words

writing is when you get stabbed

and you choose to bleed words out onto the page 


instead of spilling your blood on the ground

bleed through your words


stain the pages with your passion and pain

© 2018 michael d emmerich

A Conundrum



to beautiful to forget

too painful to remember

what to do?


either way you’re fucked

© 2018 michael d emmerich

Awaiting a New Dawn

night runs to day

light chases the dark

 is the pain receding

what approaches over the horizon?

the time of evening starlight fades

the lamps grow dim

in the approaching new dawn

show me where it hurts?

turning westward

facing my fading shadow

as a new dawn rips it from me

splitting me in two

what is lost might not be found

I feel the void upon my thoughts

I contemplate the other side

as I wait for

.... paradise?

© 2018 michael d emmerich

Colours of the Congo

I so do love the bright vibrant colours of The DRC at this time of the year, at the tail end of the rainy season. Dark clouds are still rolling in bringing afternoon and evening thunder storms, the rich greens of the forest and that distinctive red soil of Africa.


I long for the sound of your voice

caressing my cheek

your lilting laugh

your upturned smile

to hear your laughter

to laugh with you

for you to laugh at me


I long

for you


© 2018 michael d emmerich


not knowing

dying a slow death

emotions bleeding out

lying in an ever widening

pool at my feet

the stains of my life

fade into nothingness

© 2018 michael d emmerich

Tunnel of Love

roll up, roll up

shouts life

as you excitedly queue

to enter the tunnel of love

what beckons

what awaits

so much excitement

the yawning future

sucks you in

darkness beckons, engulfs

holding on tight to each other

and our dreams


distant lights approach

eager anticipation unfolds

what awaits

love, eternal happiness

for evermore


pain, longing, separation



patiently, silently

we await

the darkness slowly lifts 

© 2018 michael d emmerich


pain fast approaches

crashing into you

ripping all asunder

pulling it in close

embracing, holding

desperately trying

to keep all the broken pieces



clinging not ignoring

desperately hoping to transform


pain to compassion

anger into love

fear into kindness



positive energy to sustain

through the travails and tempest

that assail on this journey

© 2018 michael d emmerich

A Question…. ?

A question to comment or ponder on:

How does one engender empathy (and hope) in ones darkest hour? Do we/can we do it (engender empathy) because life is fundamentally amazing, even though (or because), is spite of it all, it has an ending?