Don’t Look Back


The sea at your feet

The wind at your back

The horizon in your grasp

The weight of the world pressing you down


cast your cares aside

reach to the future

grab the horizon

drag it towards you

let the wind in your back drive you forward


away from your past

write your own future

don’t repeat the history

let it keep you moving forward


like the wind

let your feet get wet

with the troubles around you

keep moving forward

stop and you will sink


your future awaits

do not fear the reaper at the rear

for he waits for no one

for today you fly

and tomorrow lies in wait

in eager anticipation

it is yet to be written


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

One-line horror/thriller story

As I lay dying, I heard excited voices discussing my impending arrival; over the screams and panting of my mother in labour … 

Paper or Kindle

I just love books…. Have so many on my shelf still needing to be red

But I keep buying

Have files of Kindle books, and I also keep buying

It must be an addiction 🙂

I so love the smell of new and old books, love turning the page

Its kinda exciting and old school

The Kindle is more practical when I travel

But I still travel with books, nothing beats having a book on your bedside table

I think it makes me think of home, or maybe brings home to my destination

What are your thoughts and preferences?

Kindle books? (iPad or Kindle?)

Books? (hard cover versus soft cover?)

And do you buy large hard cover coffee table books?

I do … love turning the pages of those large hard covers


The Arrogance of Entitlement

have we moved from the age of aquarius

to the age of narcissus

has the arrogance of entitlement

led us down the garden path

of hopelessness

the era of violence by web post

faceless nameless aggression

all in the pursuit of their ideology

 the entitled with their economic superiority

need to learn to bite their tongue

in the presence of those with smaller bank balances

lording ones perceived elevated status

at best lowers your intellectual status

at worst it negates your work

and the work of those with less arrogance

 why should a healthy bank balance

come with a condescending attitude

economic might does equate to being right

arrogance brings a sense of entitlement

in the person

more than actual entitlement

 we are left with the audacity of hope

in the presence of arrogance

entitlement should not usurp our history

let peace be our guide

as we chart our way through the islands of arrogance


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The Silent Observer

standing alone in a crowd

watching waiting looking listening learning

the crowd is unsure

silence and observation intimidates

the watched need to reserve judgement

take solace in the fact that as the observed

they are learning

observing to write

learning to observe

learning from observing

thankful to the observed for the lessons learnt

our internal observer pushes us forward

driving us towards new horizons

calling us to new challenges

but judging harshly when we fall short

never be scared to stand alone

in the crowded silence of your mind


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The Naming of Humans (A Cats Perspective)

how it came to be that cats gave names to humans

is very much a mystery, littered with rumour and intrigue

for as we have named cats

they have in turn named themselves

and then they named us

their lowly servants who have worshipped them for generations

legends allude as to how this came to be

but truth be told

it is lost in the mists of time in the fjords of Norway

Luonnotar the Norse goddess of the earth

gave life to this naming process when she gave birth to the world

the process is shrouded in secrecy and cat logic

and remains largely unknown in the human world

(cat logic and the naming process)

our primary name is based largely on geographical location

and physical appearance

so other cats can understand where we fit into their world

my primary cat name I have been told is

grayman culsac and my wife’s is

fairy goddess culsac

then there is that name that your cat has for you

the secret name that only your cats know

no amount of scratches rubs or treats will extract it from kitty

but the myths do speak of the secret cat nip recipe

but no more of that as I am being given the cats eye

so when you next notice your cat in quiet contemplation

casting a knowing half opened eye in your direction

know that kitty is quietly considering if your secret name is still as apt

as it was when kitty first wrapped

you around his gracefully extended paw

horror of horrors if your secret name is no longer valid

for the heavens would open up and swallow you

Luonnotar would regurgitate you like a hairball

again and again

until you become the crazy cat person your kitty desires

in every crazy cat person’s history

lies at least one hairball reincarnation

so when you next notice kitty gazing at you for longer than usual

best you scurry over with treats or scratches

far be it for you to incur the wrath of the cat gods

or as they would say in ancient Egypt

Bastet got your tongue

(busted or bastard) your choice

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The Seduction Arcade

welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

the curve of your neck

the sound of your name

the arch of your back

and hints of flesh

the beat of your heart, the seduction arcade

the red of your heartbeat

the smell of the sheets

imprints in the bed

footprints in the sand

the beat of your heart, the seduction arcade

whispers in the air

the touch of your tongue

the heat of your skin

silk in your hair

the beat of your heart, the seduction arcade

water on your skin

lace across your body

leather and feathers

the textures arouse

the beat of your heart, the seduction arcade

the colours of lust

the setting sun

the eclipse of your heart

and tears on your cheeks

the beat of your heart, the seduction arcade

the rise of your breasts

the mist of your breath

like mist on the moors

it doesn't have to make sense

still you turn me on

the beat of your heart, continues the seduction arcade


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Writing Your Future

imagine if you will

that your life lies before you

your future beckons

calling you from the future

the authors pen is poised

the story must be written

stories come to life

the pen starts to trace its path

the paper is clear and uncharted

the writer is yet to discover the number of pages

or how much ink is required


the journey must begin

the pen starts its journey

scratching out a path

the pages fill up with ink, smudges, corrections

some chapters are rewritten

the story must be told

it is a relentless plot

twisting and turning across uncharted pages


you are both writer and chief protagonist

you are the master of both its content

.... and it's ending



© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Comfortable Sans Masque

your mask is slipping
 your slip is showing
 your many masks slowly fall away
 the presence of your beloved
 lovingly liberates the masque's

the many layers enfolding one
 slowly peel away
 like the layers of an onion

as the onion is degloved
 tears are its byproduct

so to with us....
 the many masks bring tears and pain
 as some masks are ripped off like a too soon scab

the scars they leave
 over time become badges worn comfortably
 at times with pride

the comfort of our new skin
 allows us
 to look fondly upon the discarded masques

when we gaze into the mirror
 the face that looks back becomes more recognisable
 more loved
 by the ego and the beloved


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich