Dealers Choice?


people often say

I’ve been dealt a bad hand

the cards are crap

to many jokers and the deuces suck

the cards we are dealt

is the hand we hold

until the dealer next shuffles

but the game never ends

the trick is, turn the cards

to your advantage

seven aces in spades

transforming death to life

good players of the game

overcome the adversity of a bad hand

despite what they hold

they know they can win

when your world depends

on what’s in your hand

go all in, don’t back down

never let a bad hand

hold you back or pull you down

© 2018 michael d emmerich


for time, for a season

for a lifetime

walking through the fire

embers and ashes cling to you

memories burnt into one’s story

broken promises, battered trust

like a well-travelled suitcase

full of memories and baggage

ready to be unpacked, repacked

for the next journey

neither time, distance or age

undeterred, always

comrades in each other’s arms

like long lost lovers

always returning


for that last embrace

© 2018 michael d emmerich

Alternative Rock Radio Show

Green Day, Fort Minor, Dead by Sunrise, Foo Fighters and Manson and more 🙂 Pump up the sound – blow the dust of your speakers and enjoy

I hope you all enjoy this podcast, would love to hear your comments and input 🙂  enjoy the tunes. If you want me to post the detailed playlist for the show please let me know.

Storms of The Congo

Last storm clouds of Summer still rolling in ….  All in days work … beautiful storm clouds and the rich colours that I so love of The DRC. With a pic of a bridge under water, in route to the office today 🙂


© 2018 Michael D Emmerich

© 2018



lover cover me

during tough and rough times

better days await

I’m sure

lovers in their summer dresses

wind pressed fabric caressing the curves

sunlit backdrops to,

images of flesh through

silk and lace

some girl to thrill me

again, and again

and yes,

drive me crazy

with who knows what

when I look in your eyes

I’ll be dreaming

with eyes wide open

as the sun goes down

 © 2018 michael d emmerich

The Gypsy

a weary traveller, searching

along the unfurling winding road

for the next place of refuge

the cold, worn, faded sheets

reflecting stages of life

heart and mind on the move

carrying minimal baggage

unpacking as we move along

no hat, no house

the empty spaces I've roamed

searching for a home

a stone with no moss

only seeking


shelter from a storm

© 2018 michael d emmerich