EMS – The Cost ……

An EMS colleague of mine posted this picture the other day ….


All I can can say … is that losing a patient takes away apart of you, you can never get back. I wrote an article on this entitled:

EMS – You Can Never Leave

For those who ask this question, to those of us who work in EMS … take a read … and ponder awhile, at the of the cost of care. To my colleagues who keep going back to do the same … thank you ….

Cover image courtesy of:  © 2011-2017 DanSun PhotoArt


Through a Glass Darkly

gazing into the mirror

shadows flit on the edges

pulled into the centre

my shadow self

stares back

battered bruised

pain etched across

my shadow scarred face

hands reaching out

we embrace

become one



 © 2017 michael d emmerich