The Last Word

poets writers journalists

standing back

pens poised

prophesy awaits

philosophize with your pens

write it all


always the last word

the might of graphite

bleeding gray

stronger than steel

but oh so fragile

poets down there

write nothing at all

just stand backs to the wall

waiting for words to tumble

pens and swords

a clash of unequal minds

both carry lead

of a different weight

although one is ….


© 2017 michael d emmerich

Blurred Lines

truth at the flip of a coin

heads or tails

you still lose

do not adjust your set

even if it is

out of focus

blurred lines

merging into a gray morass

indecipherable enigma's


and next to nothing

reality is transformed

fact becomes fiction

life becomes reality

alternate is the new the norm

art is no more

drink and feast

for tomorrow you die

© 2017 michael d emmerich

Dreams & Voices

when you think

to whom do you speak

who vets your thoughts

if you argue with the voices

who wins?

are your dreams insane

how do you know

which voice told you

who processes the ideas

that churn through your mind

some argue

only harbour healthy thoughts

stay on a happy island

shun the other voices

mental censorship

where does it end

just BE

allow all the voices

no judgement

commune with all the voices

even those in the deepest recesses of your mind

talk to everybody

all voices are welcome

ruminate, then ACT


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich