Ambulance Today – Winter Edition 2020

The Winter Edition for 2020, has hit the shelves, it’s live now on Ambulance Today.

This Africa Quarterly (written whilst resting up at home in South Africa, after 380 days working on the road) explores the challenges of companies failing to interact with front-line staff at so many levels – as “Editor Joe” says:

You cannot see this year through without ranting at something. Be realistic. Regular contributor, Mike Emmerich, has picked a very deserving target in corporate companies who have promoted support to their frontline workers during this year’s pandemic, but seemingly without input from those very same people who have actually lived through those difficulties first-hand. An extremely important conversation, which may be easily overlooked!”

Click on the link below to download and read the entire magazine (you’re welcome) and of course my article on page 32 & 33

From the Africa Desk of Ambulance Today – The Banality of Corporate Arrogance

Ambulance Today Winter Ed 2020

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To my fellow passionate EMS friends across the world, I trust you are enjoying this journey, as we continue to explore this fascinating continent. Till then be safe out there and stay passionate – Enjoy!

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The Banality of Corporate Deceit

Sad but true – far to often I get caught up in this type of corporate greed, where for a few dollars more or an attempt to save on a budget line item …. staff/practitioners are put at risk. Here we go again … just for a few dollars more on our bottom line lets see how we can fuck you over whilst you slave away on the ground in the middle of a pandemic, let me count the ways I can fuck you over salary, equipment, medications .. oh I’m sure I will find a way; to increase my “cost saving” bonus at year end … but don’t worry says the fat cat – while he sits at home; sees his family, sips his whiskey and enjoys the comforts and human touch, whilst those of us in the trenches have (as usual) none …

Take a read at the poem in the link below … nothing changes …they always the same, no matter how many times they revisit their values and mission statements at fancy weekend management conventions ..