Paper or Kindle

I just love books…. Have so many on my shelf still needing to be red

But I keep buying

Have files of Kindle books, and I also keep buying

It must be an addiction 🙂

I so love the smell of new and old books, love turning the page

Its kinda exciting and old school

The Kindle is more practical when I travel

But I still travel with books, nothing beats having a book on your bedside table

I think it makes me think of home, or maybe brings home to my destination

What are your thoughts and preferences?

Kindle books? (iPad or Kindle?)

Books? (hard cover versus soft cover?)

And do you buy large hard cover coffee table books?

I do … love turning the pages of those large hard covers


Climbing Out of Your Family Tree

The apple falls
how far does it fall
where does it land?
what does it do when it lands?

Can you climb back up?
or do you want to climb a new tree?
did you fall with planned intent
as far away as possible?

Are you planning on taking root
where you fell
to grow a new tree?

although you better be careful not to take root
near a snake pit or apple orchard

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich