Chasing Rainbows

the moon behind my back

with shadows stretching out before,

distorting, lengthening, changing

the way that lies ahead

standing in the gray

hoping to arrive

as I keep chasing rainbows

to dry my tears
© 2019 michael d emmerich
© 2019 mikesnexus

Shadows of My Mind

 skittish shadows, flirting

with the smoke filled

shadows of my mind

and still my mind burns

like cheap whisky

coursing down my throat

while the beckoning, cavernous

maw of blackness approaches

just another hungry mouth

that needs to feed

at the trough

of my existence
© 2018 michael d emmerich
© 2018

Is it Dark Yet?

shadows fall

darkness creeps

there is something coming

in the crawling dusk

we will lose the day

when the darkened veil

achingly descends

how long can we wait?

beyond this veil

nothingness awaits

when will it be rent asunder?

by whom?

and when they come

will they bring the morrow?

© 2018 michael d emmerich

© 2018

Through a Glass Darkly

gazing into the mirror

shadows flit on the edges

pulled into the centre

my shadow self

stares back

battered bruised

pain etched across

my shadow scarred face

hands reaching out

we embrace

become one



 © 2017 michael d emmerich

Paradox of Shadows

live on the edge

where shadows nudge

night greets day

dark flees light

past overlooks present

a probable future

life in the penumbra

is a paradox

it is viable

pulling either way

constant conflict

to what end

seeking what

the penumbra?

contradictory interrelated elements

existing simultaneously

persisting for eternity

hither and thither

clawing, dragged back

inexorably, irreversibly

to the core

of darkness

or light

© 2017 Michael D Emmerich

Shadow Chasers

on the edge of reality

shadows seduce

the chase begins

to catch reality

is the chase futile

duality of shadows

chasing the illusion

reality can crumble

the most elusive shadows

are those hidden

in the dark recesses of our minds

skirting the shadows of the mind

embracing, dancing

romancing the shadow

of the past, present

possible future

they cannot be ignored

but not always caught

inability to see

all the shadows

at times, they are an illusion

but oh, so real

our inner struggle

 on a quest to constantly grasp

those elusive shadows

it is a winless race

but worth running


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich