The Sonnet of Silent Conversations

I’m there, you’re there

We are silent in each others presence

A comment made to my wife, Tania, when we were sitting on the sofa at home each engaged in our own thoughts/activities, but still at one; it inspired me to pen the following poem.

the beautiful silence between lovers

the solace in the silence

where words are not needed to uncover 

the hidden messages of compliance

the beauty of the silent bonds

that tie two stars into the same orbit

an orbit that does not require one to respond

other than in a soft touch or knowing look

as a means of expressing ones love

intimate hushed companionship, as such

reinforces the strength of silent conversation

the intimacy of conversing by touch

heightens the silent smiles and wink of flirtation

unity in our silent separateness leads to stronger ties that bind

© 2015 Michael D Emmerich

A Sonnet of Requited Passion

Trying my hand at writing a sonnet… lets see how it goes (my first sonnet) inspired by and dedicated to my wife 🙂

Oh the journey of danger

Begins with the form,

Of one who is not a stranger

But rather with a burning storm

Passions unleashed by ones love

As the dangerous flowing curves

Of her female form are void

Of all clothing and other womanly reserves

Laid bare to the silhoutte

Of the fading streaming golden sunlight,

As the two-tone colours on an artists palette

Raising raging desires to a height

All these passions can only be sated

Once heightened passions have abated


© 2015 Michael D Emmerich