the Zen of not F#%king Up

Being reading “War” by Sebastian Junger, and he writes about “the Zen of not fucking up” and the consequences thereof. On an aside, it’s an excellent read of modern day warfare. Highly recommended. That comment got me thinking, reading, writing and then thinking some more.  This poem grew out of Zen, War, Dylan and Junger! If you have an aversion to swearing please don’t read this 🙂

down in the valley

going to the mountaintop

find your Zen in the valley

take it with you on your way on high

no Zen up there my brother

its all down here below

deal with the concrete, the grit

take wisdom from the now

not invisible stuff from ancient books

shame on your greed, your wicked schemes

modern times thunders in the alley

causing a ruckus in the valley

everything has potential consequences

push for the high mindfulness

of not fucking up

don’t worry about being worried

care about what you care about

don’t give a fuck about the rest

learn how not to worry about being worried

be more joyful, kinder to others

plant and see what the earth brings forth

follow the zen art

of not fucking up

enlighten up

don’t take yourself to seriously

you don't need any guide

you already know the way

if things don’t work for you

then just say, fuck it!

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

The Chemistry of Life

what is your pH

are you in the Zen

or are you just being acidic

breath in breath out

feel the symmetry of your inner diffusion

we could always be in an osmotic state

where we spontaneously move to be in balance

when we automatically

randomly intermingle to find our Zen state

the law of henry should be our mantra

balance the small stuff, and the big stuff aligns

Balance Ying Yang

the words that make the Zen go round

all of life needs to finds its fulcrum

including cellular life

as they say in life it’s the small things that matter

or is it the matter in the small stuff

Find your Zen

explore your inner chemistry

wear your No. 7 number with pride

find your inner balance

maybe you will then be in your Zen


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich