short story extract: A Grooms Tale

Cassandra stood in front of the window with the curtains gently lapping her delicate ankles. The moonlight bathed her body in an eerie glow, Ramon could see her body outlined through the sheer cloth of her night dress, and it was obvious she was as naked as the day she was born underneath the chamois. He held her gently in his strong arms, his rough hands sliding over her smooth delicate pale skin. He slipped the thin spaghetti like strap of the satin night dress off her one shoulder; the moonlight fell on the gentle slope of her smooth breast. The gentle curve of the breast was exposed to the moonlight and cast a haunting shadow in the valley between her breasts.

Ramon gazed down into her pale green eyes, he noticed for the first time that there were small flecks of brown in them, almost as if he was gazing into a distant valley, he felt himself falling into the forest of her eyes. His rough workers hands gently slide down the slope of her shoulder to rest on the top her small delicate breast. A small sigh escaped from her dry lips, she gently snaked her tongue out to moisten them, and they glinted moist, damp and inviting in the pale full moon. She slide her hands inside his shirt which was already half undone. She ran her hands through his chest hair and was amazed to find that it was soft and silky, not rough or hard as she imagined, although she felt something else stirring and getting firm. Ramon pulled Cassie firmly against his chest, his fine chest hairs gently caressed her half exposed breast, she gasped as she felt his passion for her and it caused a strange feeling to grow in the pit of her stomach, something she had never felt before, but had heard the chambermaids talking about this, when they thought she was out of earshot. He nestled his mouth against her smooth skin of her exposed neck, with his tongue he gently probed and felt her life blood pumping through her delicate neck. He slid his tongue along the nape of her neck and proceeded to gently nibble on her ear, Cassie gasped in a mixture of passion, excitement and apprehension……..

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