Linking Music to Writing

Music makes my world go round, as they say; and depending on my mood and what and where I am (and doing), I listen to different musical genres, music plays a role in my relaxation, work and exercise, so why not with my writing. This post is all about linking a theme song or a few songs to a particular piece of writing.

I am currently working on 2 pieces of literature, both fiction, the one piece is very closely linked to personal experience. Whilst mind-mapping the two “books” and also doing additional research, my thoughts kept going towards what music would assist me in my thinking process and then my mind went on one of its well known tangents … just ask my wife:)

If my books were a “movie” what would the title/theme song be, and what other music would be apart of the production.

I am not sure if this tangent is one of my ways of procrastinating (when I am supposed to be churning out my 1000 words a day) or another way to find further inspiration and motivation; which will allow me to explore the writing process at a deeper level. Let us just say for now, it is a way to find further inspiration, and if that is the case here are the songs that I would intertwine with the respective projects that I am currently immersed in:


Theme Song:

Pay in Blood – Bob Dylan (Tempest) very dark song

During the Movie/Book as a refrain:

Shine on you Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd (Wish you were here)

Closing Credits:

To One in Paradise – The Alan Parsons Project (Tales of Mystery and Imagination)

10 Years After:

Theme Song:

What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong (its a powerful uplifting song but if you have watched how it is used in “Good Morning Vietnam”…then that is the feel I am gong for here… the juxtaposition of the feel good with the evil that men do)

During the movie/book as a refrain:

Cavatina – John Williams (theme song from the Deer Hunter)

Closing Credits:

I Talk to the Wind – King Crimson (In the Court of the Crimson King)

Well that’s my brief overview of words, music and inspiration, I would love to hear from others out there if you have explored similar avenues when looking for further inspiration when sitting down too transfer the thoughts from your muse to paper.

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