Still in Turmoil… but getting settled

Well I am back and settling down to my new routine and getting my new studio/office up and running. Have been spending time developing one of the 3 projects I am working on (it has been tricky, being creative when one is moving, travelling, unpacking).

Have spent this time fleshing out a detailed introduction and end chapter, and am now adding weight to the main body of the novel and doing the necessary research to add more substance to the plot. Miss the large whiteboards that I would need to mind map my project better and also my sketch table…as I find that I do doodling and sketching of certain sections/concepts of the novel, it helps me with my ideas and to map out what goes on in my mind (scary thought!). Anybody else use sketching/doodling to help with the creative flow??

I have also found that by selecting music that I feel best suits the project, has been very useful in adding more creative input in my writing process. I have made a playlist for this project and have found this to be very useful, for added inspiration and additional ideas for the novel.

That’s it for now, hope to be posting more as I move forward.

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