What’s Louder Than Words?

the crack of a rifle firing
in the forest or field of war
wailing siren of a rushing
an approaching ambulance
cutting through the black night

continuous wailing of a house alarm
shattering the darkened silence
hard rain falling on a tin roof
interrupted by the crash of thunder

Thoughts, visions, images
screaming louder than words

wind whistling through the lush pine trees on a mountain slope
gentle sound of a purring cat
nuzzling against ones neck
grating sound of a key in lock
as a loved one comes home

thoughts, visions, images
whispering to ones soul

silence... the sound of silence
haunting, reassuring, affirming, alarming, hypnotic

thoughts, visions, images
evoking pictures of silence

be silent, listen to your heartbeat
and just be
sometimes the loudest words
are the ones never spoken


© 2015 Michael D Emmerich

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