Comfortable Sans Masque

your mask is slipping
 your slip is showing
 your many masks slowly fall away
 the presence of your beloved
 lovingly liberates the masque's

the many layers enfolding one
 slowly peel away
 like the layers of an onion

as the onion is degloved
 tears are its byproduct

so to with us....
 the many masks bring tears and pain
 as some masks are ripped off like a too soon scab

the scars they leave
 over time become badges worn comfortably
 at times with pride

the comfort of our new skin
 allows us
 to look fondly upon the discarded masques

when we gaze into the mirror
 the face that looks back becomes more recognisable
 more loved
 by the ego and the beloved


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

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