This and That

I have taken a break from formal writing for the past week or two, and have been focussing on catching up on reading (all sorts of stuff; poems, fiction, non-fiction). I have also been ordering all my writing prompts and ideas – poems, fiction and professional. The ideas are still flowing, just been writing them up in my ideas book, to regurgitate at a later date (need to get index cards and sort my ideas – finished and unfinished, my book is getting way to busy).

Took out my sketch pads a week back and am working on a few rough drafts, drawing the mental images that flit in and out of my mind – scary stuff that. Who knows maybe I will be brave and post my “finished” bits and pieces.

Oh well back to my day job – for awhile – hope to have some work finished to load over this coming weekend. Thanks for all the support, comments and followers, much appreciated; lets stay inspired and keep writing!

Umberto Eco: “To survive you must tell stories”

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