Communication Makes the World Go?

Hi to all my followers on twitter, facebook and wordpress, my current work situation in The DRC means that I am not able to reply to posts and/or comments on my posts/threads, or post new comments etc on twitter or facebook. WordPress seems to be the only app working 100% at present. Communication is intermittent and at times blocked or non-existent. Please excuse my silence and absence, I am not ignoring everybody, just frustrated in my silent world up north. Although in fairness I am enjoying some of the solitude, but missing my loved ones back home.

2017-05-09 12.54.18

This my home away from home for a few months. The creativity does flow out here, in the still of the night and on quiet weekends, so my back catalogue of work is filling up 🙂

Till I am fully back in the 21st century (with respect to good internet), I will monitor the world from afar, and most certainly not be searching for Mr Kurtz.

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