Standing Serene

in the waxing and waning of life

as the sea of tranquillity transforms

with the fast approaching misfortunes of poseidon

be that island of serenity in the raging storms

and pounding waves

of life's tempest


just stand serenely

and be


© 2019 michael d emmerich
© 2019 mikesnexus


2 thoughts on “Standing Serene

  1. Beautiful Mindfulness reminder
    A longer version of a Haiku perhaps?
    Have you ever tried Haiku?
    Its a lot of fun and also encourages
    3 lines only
    5 syllables 7 syllables 5 syllables
    Not usually rhyming


    • Morning Tim, thank you .. a state of mind I am trying to stay in at present .. push back the dark … I have tried my hand at the Haiku .. posted a few as well .. 🙂 it is a cool way to practice mental and linguistic gymnastics … 🙂


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