The Sunsets and Rises across the Middle East

Been flitting between 3 countries across the Middle East the past 2 months – Iraq, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The scenery has been vast, breathtaking, desolate and beautiful. Going for evening runs across the barren plains, running in the absolute stillness of the desert air has been amazing. Here are some of the photo’s I have taken … maybe more to follow … 🙂 … as i am still here for a few more months …

The moon during the day has been awesome ….

Had to include a cigar sunset pic .. 🙂


All pictures taken by me, using my trusty camera phone …

© 2020 Michael D Emmerich
© 2020

2 thoughts on “The Sunsets and Rises across the Middle East

  1. Hi,

    The desert is stunning, no man-made structure the spoil the views.It is so relaxing and invigorating too. I know this will arouse the nib of your pen again. Let the ink flow my friend.

    Where in Saudi are you?

    Be safe wherever you go.




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    • I am working for a large mining group and working across 8 locations between Riyadh and Jeddah … lots of road travelling … yes the desert is stunning …will load more pics of the landscape and mountains on the weekend. Go for 10km runs out in the wild at least 3 times a week … so quiet, desolate, amazing …


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