I’m Coming Home (X-Rated)

a home coming poem for my beloved … (PG rated) – followed by the gorgeous voice and lyrics of Skylar Grey – Coming Home, Part II

coming home

home coming

coming at home

beautiful expressions

amazing spaces

gorgeous times

always returning

for more

always coming



© 2017 michael d emmerich


For all those traveling at this time of the year, travel safely as you journey to friends and family … as for me I will be with my family for New Years 🙂

Now listen to the haunting gorgeous voice of Skylar Grey

Passionate Collisions

creeping relentlessly onward

with its hunger

yet to be sated

only tamed by the belief

of that seductive attraction

pulling opposites into orbit

closer and closer

until two worlds collide

exploding in a frenzy of passion
© 2017 michael d emmerich

My Poetry is …..

neither a shout

or a scream

not a whimper

or a whisper


but an eruption

of emotion

from within


once released

it plots its own path

and passion

towards darkness

or light

© 2017 michael d emmerich

Passions Unfurled

 the embryonic morning sun

peeps hesitantly over the mountain

slowly it crawls forth to emerge

escaping from the grasp of night’s pupae

radiant kaleidoscope wings gently emerge

the new day creeps forward

pushing back the night

day emerges, languidly stretching out

offering itself to those in need

who have passions to be sated

new dawn brings new promises

the intended gift of new passions

the impatient subimago fidgets

unable to fully relish the gift

further unfurling wings

expose more of the vivid rainbow

only when the imago finally emerges

can the passions be fully unveiled

totally releasing the new day

mornings passion breaks forth in full colour

imago is now ready, waiting, eager

fully active, totally passionate

unfurling, opened, spread to full imago

releasing new passions, to be desired

the new day can now be fully devoured

let us engorge ourselves

on the alter of unfurled passions


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

A Sonnet of Requited Passion

Trying my hand at writing a sonnet… lets see how it goes (my first sonnet) inspired by and dedicated to my wife 🙂

Oh the journey of danger

Begins with the form,

Of one who is not a stranger

But rather with a burning storm

Passions unleashed by ones love

As the dangerous flowing curves

Of her female form are void

Of all clothing and other womanly reserves

Laid bare to the silhoutte

Of the fading streaming golden sunlight,

As the two-tone colours on an artists palette

Raising raging desires to a height

All these passions can only be sated

Once heightened passions have abated


© 2015 Michael D Emmerich