My Poetry is …..

neither a shout

or a scream

not a whimper

or a whisper


but an eruption

of emotion

from within


once released

it plots its own path

and passion

towards darkness

or light

© 2017 michael d emmerich

4 thoughts on “My Poetry is …..

  1. Expression is the key word. Rather than ask, what does the poem mean, ask, what is the poet expressing? A basic definition of lyric poetry is the poet in the world and the world in the poet,

    Thanks for liking my Poems Happen posts!

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    • true … understanding what is being expressed is more relevant than the meaning, as each reader can have their own “meaning” to a particular poem .. I have had some readers try to impose their interpretation of one of my poems on me … and when I would neither confirm or deny their standpoint they were offended .. strange …

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      • They were offended, were they? Oh, dear. They were waiting for praise for their incisiveness, so maybe they felt their intelligence was challenged. Inevitably, you’ll find that they know nothing about poetry beyond a way to state old, tired, look how liberal I am. It’s the words, people, That’s what we poets are into this for.

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