Courage Under Fire

an absence of fear

the ability to suppress

or maybe

there are values of more import

grace, valour, hope

bear defeat

never lose heart

remain calm

capture courage

push on

get up

again and again

consume whatever

life throws your way

let grace possess you

remain calm, rational

even under attack

courage is grace under fire

in spite of consequences

you can only be

a victim of yourself

not others

discipline your mind

be tenacious, persevere

hope always remains


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Lies & Truth

if at first you don’t succeed

lie, lie and lie again

said the politician

all lies

eventually become truth

if truth be told

lies become truth

if told oft enough

all lies

eventually trump truth

knowledge is more difficult

to beat than faith

repeat the lie often enough

it can be crowned

as politics or religion

more the fool is the teller

even he starts to believe

that absurdity

can be believed

as always

twixt and twain

lies and damned lies

becoming truth

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich