The Red Light Train

rain falling, mist rising, darkness beckons.

I clamber out of bed to join the red light train

bare feet on a cold concrete floor

soon shod feet on a metal pedal

as you push down, to join the red light train

cresting the dark hill the train stretches out before you

you latch onto the back 

sometimes with care other times with annoyance

so begins your day, for most, so begins everyday

the train has life and pace of its own

each day is a new train, always dynamic, ever-changing

it moves at its own unique pace

like a slinky, up and over the rolling hills

expanding and contracting 

moving at the pace of the slowest

Like life...

the train does not encourage one to look beyond the red lights

getting on and off causes frustration, 

it takes time, patience and determination

once you commit, you're hooked

that's why it's refreshing

to not ride the train everyday

Like life.....

one needs change, new challenges, new trains

a chance to ride the rails alone, breaking new ground

create your own red light train

trail-blaze your own path

create new uncharted rails

be your own red light train

driving into a new sunrise


© 2015 Michael D Emmerich

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