The Fading of the Day

Inspired by the song On the Turning Away by Pink Floyd; I paused to write this poem

Light is changing to shadow

And casting it’s shroud

as the day fades to gray

and then shifts from gray to dark

before we long for the promise of a new day

we need to cling to the dark

even when it is dark, it's not dark yet

as it is always darkest, just before the dawn

as a new day beckons with promise, on the morn

the shadow shroud enfolds the world in gray

and teases with a promise, as the gray flickers to dark

with the dark is a promise of a new day

when the morning slivers slice back the dark

that sense of expectation, that it is never dark

there is always a new beginning

no matter how dark yesterday felt

today can be the brightest day yet

as we continually move through the cycle of life

light dark light dark …. light

© 2015 Michael D Emmerich

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