Juxtaposition Junxtion

to be or not….

the journey along the road

leads us to be often waylaid

arriving at at juxtaposition junxtion

confused over our mother being our lover

lost in the paradise of milton’s world

unsure if it be heaven or hell

one mans heaven being the others hell

to have or to have not

said the butler living in squalor

but trapped in luxury

disparity and discord morph into a third way

can it all be fair in love and war

sound and fury, calm before the storm

before and after, fat and thin

can all pigs be equal

fighting to live

battling to not die

food to one is death to another

in darkness there is light

what the dickens is going on

wisdom and foolishness battling for hope

it springs eternal in the winter of our discontent

everything to lose and nothing to win

goodness draws forth evil

the circle draws to a close

the bells toils

before the wall is rent asunder

the third way beckons

like a long lost lover


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

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