Elijah’s Door

we open the door but no one comes in

but we must always be wiling

to leave the door open

for those with wanderlust to enter

or those with questions to exit

the door to the dark

enter from the dark to the light

or exit out into the dark

either way we can always

while waiting

sip from the chalice at the portal

knowledge brings light to the darkness

making the unknown known

the artist ventures out into the dark

through the open door

to measure the unseen

to tell the story of the unknown

the open door leads out

to all that is not yet known

we can get lost out there

in the vastness and strangeness of the dark

although we can also find harmony

those with wanderlust can become anyone

or no one

the door is always open

if we can find our way back

as the solitary aspect of getting lost is enticing

mystery becomes our compass

we become like Dante traversing

jumping to hell and back

to find ourselves back in paradise

at the open door

always be willing to leave a door open

peace could enter unannounced

future redemption could even enter

or we could exit on another enticing journey

getting lost on a quest for questions

questions that might not have answers

what then comes first?

the question, the answer

or the intention?


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

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