An Incomplete Puzzle

the sky is as empty as my life

a vast unfathomable emptiness

charting a path through the maze of nothingness

searching for the piece of the puzzle that is missing

my heart demands the puzzle to be complete

it yearns for the picture to be made whole

only then can the bleeding stop


in a bed with an empty pillow next to me

I dream of my missing puzzle piece

of the one who holds my heart

so sad that what we do to survive

can make the puzzle incomplete

I asked myself in my dream;

so why do I do it?

dreams like puzzles are riddled with missing pieces

the one piece I need is within my grasp

it comes to me all alone

it means so much to me

the piece, the puzzle, my beloved

completing the picture

bringing me full circle

to completion




© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

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