Morning Dew

a new day dawns

the same as yesterday

but it is oh so different

dew glistens across the valley

casting fast disappearing rainbows

chased by bleeding colours across the sky

a new palette of shades awaits

grasp that brush

visualise your perfect picture

experience new found colours

and shadows

beauty whilst transient is eternal

serendipitous blessings in each new moment

reach out and grasp the day

this ephemeral beauty

must not escape

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

2 thoughts on “Morning Dew

    • Thank Nellie… hoping to self publish my poetry anthology by year end or early next year. Introduction written, cover design done – poems being selected (30 to 35 of them) and some will have a back story, as to what inspired or motivated me … also planning on including a photo or two from my ideas journal, which is chaos of scribbles and scratching out 🙂


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