god is in session

wailing, screaming sirens

tear the night apart

screeching burnt rubber

scar the asphalt

as you deeply inhale and sigh

carbon, rubber and sweat

attack your senses

hands on the spinning steering wheel

thinking, planning, expecting

the unexpected

no plan survives initial contact

grabbing rushing pushing jostling

questions, answers

sobbing screaming crying

 ……. silence

gloved hands palpate poke prod

ears listen, eyes roam

instructions issued

 god is creating

and it will be good

skin exposed

clothes cut

working in blood and flesh

are gods tools

needles puncture

flashbacks appear

and reappear

machines beep

fast then faster

fluids chase in

smells assail your senses

burnt metal, blood, vomit

you drive them down

sweat drips off god

mixing with blood

god is in session

angels hover


applied and present

vials crack, needles puncture

….. skin

beep … beep …….. Beep

slower and slower

vocal chords visualised

the bag of life

is squeezed


rhythm of life is kept in balance

a refractory pause ensues

gloves changed, sweaty brows mopped

spectacles wiped clean of sweat

decisions discussions decisions

beeping changes

angels move closer

god intervenes

shoves them rudely aside

not today god says

not on my watch

© 2016 michael d emmerich

image courtesy of – Image © 2011-2017 DanSun PhotoArt

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