The Ballad of Nikkie Jean

sub-titled – the ballerina assassin @nikkiejanee1972

in the still of the night

as we chase the sunset

candles flicker in the wind

the swan lies in repose

the pirouette slows

en pointe is driven home

when the deal goes down

red lips of mercury approach

the mist rises

the die is cast

the creed is done

these visions of bella donna

conquer my mind

my achilles is found

I claw my way out

of the memphis mobile

feeling blue

pill box hats

consume my dreams

the wind whispers la’ bella

while mercury vapours consume me

my time is pledged

the reaper awaits

the sad-eyed ballerina assassin

enters, riding

the 6th white horse of the apocalypse

as she drifts slowly

over the undulating lowlands

tears are falling from on high

the lips of a precious angel

delivering kisses like buttery wings

while storms roll in from afar

bringing that familiar morning smell

we oh so love

stoned and fractured

harried by the dozen and 35

the swan is lowered

to yonder depths

to rise again

à bientôt

© 2017 michael d emmerich

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