Self Portrait

life is a mystery

my tournament's begun

a pickled piper plays his piccolo

the choir softly sings

my game commences

including expenses

confidential information?

no its my life

not a public inquiry

the greatest work of art commences

my life

the pen is poised

ink-pot awaits

the brushes are ready

rainbow colours mixed

clean pages await

orchestra warms up

slowly the grinding wheel turns

what will be my epitaphI don't know”

who sets the rules

attempt what is not certain

when will certainty arrive

divining signs mislead

my valuable delusion

knowledge is a deadly friend

inspiration emerges from the womb

confusion, questions, not knowing

swarms of questions always emerge

small questions

flying on mighty wings

the rainbow fades

the ink runs dry

dry nibs scar the once clean slate

leaving to never return

confusion will be my epitaph

© 2017 michael d emmerich


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