Ambulance Today – Summer Edition 2018

The Summer Edition for 2018, has hit the shelves, its live now in Ambulance Today. Click on the link below to download and read the magazine and my article on page 46 & 47, where I ask more questions than provide answers.

The Cost Of Service

Ambulance Today – Summer Edition 2018

Besides the above article, the magazine is littered with so many other good reads – the article on the wound clotting product – WoundClot is very interesting, and the expansion of EMS in South America looks exciting, and there is so much more … enjoy the read.

The article I penned on The Cost of Service is very close to my heart and mind, after 34 years in EMS. For those who would love to chat further about the cost of service, PTSD and depression, please feel free to chat to me via my e-mail address or in the thread beneath this post.

To all the followers of this page, if you want to see an article written about any specific aspect of Emergency Care on the African continent, or get me to interview a key role player, drop me a mail. Equally, if you have any news items you would like us to run either in our magazine or on our daily-updated global ambulance news website please make contact.

To my fellow passionate EMS friends across the world, I trust you are enjoying this journey, as we continue to explore this fascinating continent. Till then be safe out there and stay passionate – Enjoy!

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