Gritty Pathways

a forest of thoughts

with pathways of grit

bordered by the ageless

unbending, yet

graceful willow trees

waving me on effortlessly

with the wind of yesteryear

I traverse the pathways

crushing fear underfoot

grittily determined to endure

with grace as my companion

and pockets full of pebbles

slowly being ground

into the gritty sands of time
Ā© 2019 michael d emmerich

2 thoughts on “Gritty Pathways

  1. Hi.

    What was your inspiration for this poem? It certainly gave me a lot to think about, especially the second part. You are a gifted author and I hope you are compiling your poetry for publishing.


    Faadiel >


    • Hi Faadiel … well the inspiration comes from a personal journey I have been walking for some time now .. and the need to keep pushing on ..for healing. Thank you for your kind words re my writing, ..I have an anthology ready for self publication, just need to raise the capital to do it šŸ™‚

      Regards Mike


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