White Feathers

Inspired to write a poem on peace, seeing as the 21st of Sept was/is the International Day of Peace.

a white feather fell from heaven

doves fly by

a bullet whistles past

blood drips from the bough of a tree

peace in our time is the mantra

can it be believed

cowardice, faith, protection, bravery


so many messages, to which do we cleave

hope from beyond; past, present or future

don’t shoot the messenger

crying white doves circle

hoping they do not die bringing their message

doves cry where children die

hope dies when doves cannot fly

may they be lifted on the wings of peace

upwards to a burning sky

to a place with no name

the sun sets on a world in disarray

how many more white feathers need to fall from a burning sky

the spirits are watching

are they at peace?

I pray that they will be


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich



heaven or hell

real and visible

surreal yet invisible

within and without


high road or low road

real or imagined

stepping into the jaws

or away from the maw

lust anger greed

passion love temperance

heaven in hell


hell in heaven

any day now


right now

your choice


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich


black is the colour

red is the number

blue is the steel of the knife

lost is the answer

what is the question

gray is the smoke

orange is the glow

the smoke curls upwards

mortality is the answer

preservation is at stake

golden is the silence

orange is the colour

ripping the silence apart

crystal are the tears

raining down on the moment

lost is still the answer

the question remains uncertain

all that is certain

is mortality


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Rainbows in Her Eyes

fluttering eye lids in the morning light

cascading hair across her visage

my love lies in a gentle slumber

slowly the gateway to her emotions opens

fluttering eyelids reveal what lies beneath

 unleashing the emotions

lying behind the portal

they spring forth

revealing all the colours of the rainbow

the colours of love, lust, longing

desire, happiness


the rainbow in her eyes

I am privileged to see

and partake in all the colours

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Surrounded By Life

there is life is everywhere

it exists, and always has

in all that we see there is life

even in death, there is life

it is light, pushing darkness back

fighting those that rail against it

in the most unimaginable places

life claws out an existence

life like hope is the eternal spring

that we all desire to sate our thirst

long may the well overflow

with a never ending

river of life


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

An Incomplete Puzzle

the sky is as empty as my life

a vast unfathomable emptiness

charting a path through the maze of nothingness

searching for the piece of the puzzle that is missing

my heart demands the puzzle to be complete

it yearns for the picture to be made whole

only then can the bleeding stop


in a bed with an empty pillow next to me

I dream of my missing puzzle piece

of the one who holds my heart

so sad that what we do to survive

can make the puzzle incomplete

I asked myself in my dream;

so why do I do it?

dreams like puzzles are riddled with missing pieces

the one piece I need is within my grasp

it comes to me all alone

it means so much to me

the piece, the puzzle, my beloved

completing the picture

bringing me full circle

to completion




© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Elijah’s Door

we open the door but no one comes in

but we must always be wiling

to leave the door open

for those with wanderlust to enter

or those with questions to exit

the door to the dark

enter from the dark to the light

or exit out into the dark

either way we can always

while waiting

sip from the chalice at the portal

knowledge brings light to the darkness

making the unknown known

the artist ventures out into the dark

through the open door

to measure the unseen

to tell the story of the unknown

the open door leads out

to all that is not yet known

we can get lost out there

in the vastness and strangeness of the dark

although we can also find harmony

those with wanderlust can become anyone

or no one

the door is always open

if we can find our way back

as the solitary aspect of getting lost is enticing

mystery becomes our compass

we become like Dante traversing

jumping to hell and back

to find ourselves back in paradise

at the open door

always be willing to leave a door open

peace could enter unannounced

future redemption could even enter

or we could exit on another enticing journey

getting lost on a quest for questions

questions that might not have answers

what then comes first?

the question, the answer

or the intention?


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

But Why ??

why this?

why that?

tell me more

always asking

questioning, searching

relentless and restless

answers never bring closure

but only lead to more questions

oh this perpetual curse of the why

it’s a never-ending journey

the next why leads to the next

will it ever end?

the see-saw of life

back and forth

relentless like the wind and the waves

always battering at my minds doorway

it is never still

neither my mind nor the wind and waves

I think not even at death

when my ashes are to to be cast

into the wind and waves

they will for all eternity be battering

at someone’s doorway


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

Facing Mortality

my finger is on the trigger

the needle is in the vein

my blood is on my hands

my soul is in disarray


my dreams are littered with death

the smells soak my dreams

drenching my bed sheets

awakening, bound in linen and sweet


in the distance I see fields

littered with red poppies

drooping, dripping in the morning mist

bending with the weight of the unknown


mortality waits at every turn

the knife blade glints in the morning dew

the bare wrist looks inviting

as the knife slides silently into its sheath


the red mist clears

the sun breaks through the clouds

my soul is in my hands

the red poppies look beautiful this morning

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich


The Birth of Hope

hope arises from a distant past

barrenness becomes imperfect storm

drought becomes flood

passions spring forth

engaging in a lust-filled union

the expectation of hope is laid

 bringing with it change

pain, discomfort, hope

change forcefully thrust onto the unwitting

the chaos of evolution

darkness waits with expectation

the challenge of darkness

as hopes journey begins

moving from the confines of darkness

down the path to the light

the waiting hand of light beckons

dragging hope to into its arms

moving from the known to the unknown

hope emerges with a scream

it rents the veil of darkness

darkness gives birth to a frail hope

light enfolds hope in its warm embrace

hope like victory is helpless at birth

it has emerged into a world fraught with despair

pushed out into the world to face life’s challenges

history replaces amnesia

history is hopes foundation

futures are built on memories foundation

life is sustained by history’s past

the future is moulded by past scribes

seasons come and go

barren winters pass

always followed by springs new life

hope always springs eternal

from the darkness of winter

hope is risky

hope is trust onto an uncertain future

the belief in the impossible

making the improbable possible

prepared to face loss, disappointment, betrayal

chaos order evolution

all merge into the revolution

of an emerging fading hope

what are we left with

but this inscrutable darkness

which is our future past

this inescapable darkness of new life

from a future past

the last gasp of hope

has not been born yet

hope is victory wrenched from darkness’s grasp

claim your moment of paradise

and then



© 2016 Michael D Emmerich