Day Becomes Night

A friend from the twittersphere, @nikkiejanee1972, posted a song lyric with an interesting picture, the image raised many thoughts, ideas and emotions. After a few back and forth tweets, the challenge was laid down, to write a poem about the picture. This is what came out of looking at that photo. I have once again dipped into the music and words of my muses, the image is the one above.

the rollin’ and tumblin’ fog fast approaches

the moon out in space cannot see

as mist drifts over its face

the day becomes night

the night is filled with shadows

the early doom fast approaches

muted misty sounds drift hither, thither and wither

her dress reaches out as she spins round twirling, seeking

twin distant orbs burn holes in the mist

the portal etched into the road becomes visible

a guttural grunt, bark, or cough reaches out and grabs your spine

in the damp chill your hair clings to your neck

Cthulhu roars

 the bloated corpulence of his writhing body

slowly emerges

you are lost in a timeless fog

refusing to be driven insane by gazing on the monstrosity

are you not already dreaming of R'lyeh

how does it feel

to be so alone, with nowhere to roam

any day now the fog will lift and the night will end

truth will be revealed as the fog is clawed back

worldwide insanity and mindless violence

finally displacing humanity forever

or just a dream, within a dream

the landscape slowly claws back the light

gleaming in the golden light of dawn

what does it bring

death and destruction

or coffee


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich


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