Embrace the Darkness

be brave, be bold

challenge convention

embrace the darkness

do this and become whole

wiser, more effective

learn to harness the dark arts

use the darkness constructively

find happiness in your dark side

take risks, take the plunge

dive in and enjoy the risk

revel in the darkness

relish the pain

allow pain to become your friend

receive the biological pain messages

change your behaviour right now

feel the burn, release the endorphins

the messenger has arrived

feed your creativity

channel the dark arts

push life to the extremes

find the balance

open the door to your dark side

be introduced, welcome it with open arms

challenge your addiction to comfort

suppressing the dark side

limits our ability to experience happiness

push the opposite end of the spectrum

do not fear the darkness

welcome it, challenge it

investigate it

the messenger

after all has arrived

to tell us something

are you willing to listen?


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

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