Fuck War!

draft or dodge

conscription or jail

exile or war

hero traitor or coward

choices that define or break

who is the enemy

the just or unjust war

justified by the church

who stands aside

letting death slip quietly by

welcoming death

in gods name it shall be done

who chose this war

justified by the politician

arrogance greed and power

forcing boys to become men

to become killers

for the sake of an ‘ism, as told by an idiot

who has the most to lose

who binds the wounds that bleed

the scars that don’t heal

the wounds you cannot see

none but the fellow beside him

neither the church or politicians

in whose name their blood is discarded

along with their futures

whose life is to be sacrificed

not mine said the politician, suckling on the teat of corporate greed

not mine said the bishop, god made me do it

not mine said the arms dealer, I just sell death

not mine said the general, I’ve done my time

not mine said the wealthy, the poor are the pawns

not mine said the socialite, I’ll read it on page seven

who has the most to gain

At whose cost

At what cost




© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

2 thoughts on “Fuck War!

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