Dying to Live

days spent around death

encourages one to live

day by day we die

until we choose to live

life is not lost by dying

life is lost by not living

time never runs out

challenge each day to live

choose to live

with intent

facing life with hope

each day is a new life

each day the butterfly emerges

allow it to flap its wings

to create change

changing the smallest details

completely changes the outcome

grasp the live by the throat

demand to live

live each day to the fullest

until we are absolutely assured

that life will escape us

demand that your life

demonstrates this principle

understanding our limited existence

shout out that each day must be taken

living every day as if it were your last

for one day you're sure to be right


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

2 thoughts on “Dying to Live

    • thank you … very sweet words and thank for making it poem of the week 🙂 many of my poems are written from my current (or past) experiences .. this was is deeply personal … thanks again… kind regards

      Liked by 1 person

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