Peace in our Time

peace in our time

para bellum

the edge of a precipice

staring into the abyss

what stares back

hard times, hard rain

grubby hands hold the sticks

drummer boys beat the drum

tapping out the march

marching to a different beat

call for peace, prepare for war

closer to midnight

solitary voice of a person

claiming to be human

rings out

determined to end the war

before it starts

enough trouble

for whose life time

statesmen endeavouring

manage, contain war

others demand

violence, war is justified

the service of some greater good

power, greed, economics

you decide

war and peace remain

two sides of the same coin

to some

world without conflict

remains unthinkable

war must be mankind’s enemy

generation to generation

conscription and destruction

blood, bullets, bombs

time in pieces

peace love compassion understanding

values demanding a voice

are we ready

prepare for war

fight for peace

that elusive contradictory condition

peace in our time

make it real!


© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

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